Model Boat Shop Summer Program

June 20 – August 5

Recreation Leaders will be on site to assist participants with the construction of model sailboats at the Model Boat Shop for seven weeks this summer. Races are held each Friday afternoon at the Colorado Lagoon. This is a drop-in program for children ages 7 years and up. The summer program ends with the International Sea Festival Clyde W. Ellerman Memorial Model Boat Regatta on Friday, August 5.

1 seven-week session, June 20 - August 5, 10:00am - 3:00pm, Monday - Friday. 5119 E Colorado Street.

$65 to register online: LINK HERE.

2022 Model Boat Shop Registration #53053

Additional boat building supply fees:

12" Model Boat $25

18" Model Boat $30

24" Model Boat $35

30" Model Boat $40

36" Model Boat $45

40" Model Boat $50


The Model Boat Shop was opened in 1948 by Rod Ogilby.

“Rod started this program, along with my dad (Clyde W. Ellerman),” Former Director Pike said. “I started as a 6 year old, and my dad ran it from 1961 to 1978.” After a short hiatus, Pike decided to run the program herself during the summer of 1982, she said. After her father passed away in 1999, the model boat regatta was renamed in his memory.

“It teaches them how to work with their hands and have pride in their work,” Pike said. “It’s a unique and one-of-a-kind program. They have a structured environment here, but they can come in when they want and take their time making the boats,” Pike Retired in 2018.

Since finishing first grade in 2010, current director, Peter Beck has spent 12 years developing his craft. “Sitting on a bench in a courtyard under the shade of a large tree, I spent days sanding the keel for my 12” model sailboat,” Peter said. “I was hooked. Our family’s summer vacation from then on was scheduled around the dates of the model sailboat program.”

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