I design and build model boats. Customized boat requests are available including size, color, and rigging. Send me an email with your ideas and I will be happy to give you feedback or an estimate for any design you may have dreamed of. I also create contemporary modern art for any interior space.

The summer of 2010 was the first year I attended the Long Beach Model Boat Shop program. Sitting on a bench in a courtyard under the shade of a large tree, I spent days sanding the keel for my 12" model sailboat. I would sand then take the keel to the director and the assistant for inspection. They would send me back to sand some more. This was a monotonous and lengthy process, but I didn't mind. After the keel was smoothed and ready, I was given the 12-inch hull of the boat to sand, then the deck step and the masts. When everything was prepped I got to pick the color scheme for the boat and paint each piece. When everything was dry the director and her assistant would cut the sails and rig the lines on the assembled boat and it was ready to sail for the last day regatta. I was hooked. Our family's summer vacation from then on was scheduled around the dates of the model sailboat program. It always started the first week after the last day of school. Over the years my skills developed and when I was 13 I became the director's assistant and learned all the ins and outs of the craft. Eventually, I began to work on making boats from scratch in my garage which has since been transformed into my workshop. From the original 12" boat I have created my own designs and styles of wooden sailboats including a 9' foot boat with 100 sails. I enjoy making custom boats and designs for people to display in their homes and offices bringing a nautical theme to any room.

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